Artificial Grass for Your House Perfect Yard

Most people thought that the application of artificial grass will only go for particular area such sport field or public building. In fact, you can improve your house with the same artificial grass, especially if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, there are some artificial grass Phoenix AZ you can choose. Artificial grass or it is also commonly known as artificial turf can be applied to decorate your house.

A perfect garden with perfect grass
Basically you can apply the artificial turf in any kind of yard or garden to create perfect green landscape. You can apply the artificial grass to your large yard. It will be even better if you apply more than one types or colors to create particular pattern or natural look to your yard. The same grass also can be applied to decorate your small garden, especially if your house has a semi outdoor area. Instead of planting real grass that needs high maintenance, applying artificial grass will be much better. You can even apply the artificial grass to any area of your house without worrying about not enough sunshine to keep the grass green. The artificial turf can also be applied to your flower garden. It will help you focus on maintain the flower without worrying about the grass.

Why artificial grass

It is true that we cannot replace the natural effect of the real grass. However, there are several reasons why you should try the artificial one. The main reason is that the artificial grass is low maintenance. Different from natural grass that requires high maintenance to keep it green and free from weeds, most artificial grass Phoenix AZ products are fully made of polyester including the turf so you do not have to worry about any weeds that might grow.

Artificial grass is also more practical. If you want to create a perfect garden, it will be possible if you apply the artificial grass. At the same time, the artificial grass will give you forever green garden in every season. You do not even have to worry about the color of the grass will fade away for it has to expose to the sun. The artificial turf today applies the technology of UV protection that protect the color of the grass even it has to be exposed to the sun the whole day.

The bottom line is that the artificial grass id low maintenance and practical. The only maintenance you have to do is to keep the grass clean. You have to clean the artificial grass well, especially if you install the artificial turf outdoor. At last, you just have to make sure that the Home Owner Association (HOA) allows you to install the artificial turfs on the yard. You can check the policy or try the Agape artificial turf that is certificated.

Types of the grass

There are several types of artificial grass you have to know. First, the Bermuda 70 oz grass that has deep green color. It is made of fiber with brown and green layers that gives you Arizona lawn color during summer. This product is available in any size and cut so you can even apply it to your yard. The natural look is produced by the 1.5” pile height and 15” roll with. The Bermuda 70 oz is sold with 8 year warranty. Second, it is the Bermuda 80 oz. It is actually similar to the Bermuda 70 oz, but it has 80 oz of ounce weight. The other specifications are the same, except the Bermuda 80 oz gives you ticker grass with dense turf.
Third, it is the PIR 60 oz. Basically, the PIR 60 oz has similar color to the Bermuda types, but it comes with latex backing. Since the material is not 100% polyester, the price is relatively lower than the Bermuda. With similar specifications, the PIR 60 oz has 60 oz of ounce weight and 130 per meter stitch rate, 20 lower than the Bermuda types. Fourth, it is the Libra grass. The Libra types have lighter green color than the Bermuda and it still jeeps the brown thatch to create natural look. With 1.5’ of pile height and 150 per meter stitch rate, the Libra can give you lighter green grass. There are two kind of Libra types, the 65 oz and the 80 oz. You can just combine two products of artificial grass Phoenix AZ, such as the Libra and the Bermuda to create gradation or pattern to the yard.

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